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My name is Jason S. Hansra and I am the best in the world at empowering you, your business or your relationships so that you create the “no shit” life of your dreams for you and those around you.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Steve Jobs - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc

“I believe the purpose of life is for you to be you.”

Jason S. Hansra

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! I feel like it’s very important to vibe with anyone you work with! As a childhood prodigy that could read adult level books by the age of 3, my parents thought it best that I grow up to be a Doctor, specifically a Psychiatrist! As a good child, I listened to my parents and followed their dream for me (with alot of resistance….I was far from the perfect child, teen, etc….lol). I am sure some of you can relate! My first degree was at the University of Toronto where I started in the Neuroscience Program as this was the top program in Canada to enter Medicine. After three years in the program, I realized that Medical school was not for me as I didn’t like dissecting pigs, grasshoppers, sheep….yuck! I couldn’t see myself doing this all day for the rest of my life  decided to switch. I ended up graduating with a degree in Psychology and also became very interested in metaphysics, spirituality and the meaning of life.

It was in these studies that I started to develop my fascination for our existence as humans. I began theorizing and extrapolating the reason and meaning of why we are put on Earth…..This turned out to be the beginning of the amazing journey of pursuing my passion, purpose and good vibe strategies but it took a very winding unknown road to get there.

I actually wanted to do my masters and PHD in psychology after this degree but my Mother wanted me to do another degree in Computers and Business so I then went to school to earn a Business Degree in Information Systems. I used to think a good kid always listens to their parents and now I know the only person to listen to is ourselves.

Like alot of my early experiences before consciousness, I was upset initially and completed that degree which was great because now I was fully educated in the 3 major areas of consulting:

1) Psychology - Understanding why do people do what they do and meeting their needs.

2) Business - Every aspect of business and project management.

3) Technology - Programming, systems design, databases, web design.

Just like Forrest Gump, I went with the flow (didn’t know that was actually a good thing called intuition) and went on to help companies with their sales and business to business and business to consumer relationships, became a world renowned Keynote Speaker in the Global Economy and hottest places to invest in Canada and the U.S., saved and made companies millions of dollars and eventually I got very bored and tired (exhausted and fed up more like it…lol). The last company I worked for led me to exhaustion and at 32 years old, I quit my pursuit of the corporate ladder race and you won’t believe what I did…

I also had been studying the “Secret”, the Law of Attraction, energy and intuition for fun for all those years while in school and working. Something inside of me was telling me to leave that job because there was something better. I eventually did (you will learn more about this as it’s a crazy good story) and followed my guidance to build my own energy healing company and that this was “Gods will” for me. I thought it was insane and said to God, “God, I grew up with nice things so you better hook it up”. (I will teach you how to do this for yourself if you let me as I train my clients and students in trusting themselves).

Since then, I have progressed and evolved and made way more money ever than corporate and used that money (freedom) and traveled around the world, am healthier, fitter, younger looking, have the best dog, made a difference for millions of souls, married to my best friend and have the freedom to be myself, do what I want to do and live a life I love. I really want the same for you, well whatever your list is! This is what you are here for!

I believe in health, happiness and financial security in this order and that whether being at any job is your purpose, being an entrepreneur is or whatever you believe is best for you is. Like snowflakes, we are all unique and want different things. We just need to stop and become conscious of what we truly want and begin to create our life instead of reacting.


We personally invite you to share in these words of wisdom, so you can stay true to your path and manifest your dreams.

Sometimes it takes the wrong path to awaken you to the right one.

The founder of Good Vibe Strategies, Jason Hansra, is a really clear example of this . He was a lost soul searching for healing in all the wrong places. Before discovering his life’s purpose, Jason was an alcohol and  drug user and was all-consumed by women, money and climbing the corporate ladder. This fruitless pursuit left him depressed and in despair. 

Finally, at his breaking point, Jason had a profound awakening. He immediately left his job and promised himself that he would never take another one until he discovered his passion and true calling in life. Guided by his inner wisdom, this spiritual journey led him into healing and coaching. He ultimately began to apply what he had learned from the negative experiences of his past to help others live their best life - This is Good Vibe Strategies.

Say hello to complete freedom and bliss.

Many times we try to fill or mask our emptiness with drugs, food, shopping, sex and impulsive decisions. That is because, for most of us, sorting through so much of our past, present and future can feel overwhelming and complex. Good Vibe removes the frustration and makes it simple. By helping you tap into your purpose, passion and intuition, you will have clarity and direction in everything you do.

Improve your wellbeing from every angle.

We make it easy by not only working on the level of mind, but also working on the energy of the soul. This creates instant change! Our inspiring and motivating coaching gives you the tools to foster lasting inner happiness, while our various healing services rebalance your energy and remove undesirable vibrations.

Together we will create the change you seek with total EASE. We are excited to help you manifest a lifetime of happiness, fulfillment and abundance!